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Cynthia’s Bio p.1

Cynthia Renée, Inc.’s founder and namesake, Cynthia Renée Zava, has a long and storied romance with gemstones. “Growing up,” she says, “I didn’t dream of marriage or great wealth – I dreamed of adventure.” As a teenager on a family drive through San Diego’s rugged backcountry, she heard adventure’s call. “I woke to look out the window and saw towering piles of rocks. I just had to know how those rocks got there.” That fascination with the riddles of rocks led her to a degree in geology where her field work took her back to investigate that same pile of rocks. She did an honors thesis on a gem pegmatite mine and was soon lured by the science, creativity and adventure of the colored gem business.

Cynthia founded Cynthia Renée, Inc. in 1990, with the aim supplying retail jewelers with fine colored gemstones. “When I started, colored gemstones were new to most people; they didn’t come with an established consumer demand. So, I did all I could to help the jewelers sell my gems. That included sales training, thematic trunk shows, developing advertising, speeches to the consumer, even TV and radio interviews – including PBS’s award-winning series, Newton’s Apple.”

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