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The Mother of a Guide to Selecting Wedding Jewelry

Spatz s & m

A child’s wedding is a landmark event. Among the details of planning a wedding, focusing on the bride and the habit of putting themselves last, many mothers don’t fully appreciate that the jewelry they wear at the wedding will become Read more

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BYOJ: Bring Your Own Jewelry!


The years go by, and we find our jewelry box filled with unworn bits and pieces gathered over the years. Whether beloved jewels passed down from family or gifts and purchases made for our younger … Read more

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Heirloom Custom Jewelry from Life’s Key Moments



Have you had those fleeting moments in life when you experienced an unusually profound insight, a feeling of connectedness or intimacy? It’s as if God pulls a curtain back, showing us the deeper workings … Read more

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Boldly Blue! Creating 32 Earring Looks from one New Pair of Custom Jewelry Earrings

Laura moved quickly on a pair of “sweet” blue Sri Lankan sapphires,  claiming them as hers just before I sealed the box returning them to my dealer in Thailand.    

I flew to Laura’s Read more

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How to Prevent Ring Damage due to Clapping, Fangirl.

Kidman After Sunday’s Oscars, media snipes targeted Nicole Kidman’s clapping style. I suspect Nicole knows something the snarkers don’t: enthusiastic clapping can seriously damage fine rings.Let me tell you how to protect your rings while expressing your enthusiasm during performances and events. And, what can happen if you don’t apply my special clapping method. ..
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