Joy: a feeling of great pleasure, delight “I had to include parrots in my Reflections Collection,” says Cynthia Renée. “They are so full of life, love and color. They will want to be worn close as a...

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Divine Fire

“Now I know where Prometheus hid the fire he stole from the gods,” was a friend’s reaction upon seeing fire opal for the first time. It probably wasn’t the best hiding place. Opal...

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My Mother

Cynthia lost her mother last June, and, as she has done for so many clients, she sought a way to memorialize her in precious metals and stones, with an heirloom jewel she could eventually pass on to...

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Pleasure Garden

The memories came pouring out of Cynthia Renee’s client, whose husband had gifted her with a custom designed Cynthia Renee ring for their seventh anniversary. A young mother who had started...

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When You Wish Upon a Star

“To Cynthia, Enjoy the Heavens, Warren Bopp” One of my treasured possessions is the photo of the Hale-Bopp comet backlighting a forest of Saguaro cactus signed by Warren Bopp. Star Trek...

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Ribbon Jewelry

Grace’s “Ribbon” Jewelry One of my collectors is a very interesting woman named Grace. I had just returned from Sri Lanka and Thailand and was moved by seeing garlands of colored ribbons wrapping...

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For a Love Not of this World

What’s the most romantic piece of jewelry I’ve created?  I’d have to say it was a project that came to me years ago. The client was even more in love with his wife than when they...

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Collector’s Collection

A collector travels the world gaining knowledge about tanzanite, diamonds, and sapphires This client is more aware of gems and jewelry than most people in the trade! A well-traveled New Yorker, she...

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Celestial Gems

Celestial Gems for a Stellar Love It took five years to source the gems and craft a dream of a garland necklace for a 15th anniversary gift. This client wanted to garland his wife’s neck with jewels...

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Bridge Ring

A Ring Bridging Love & Time This client was heart-sick – she had dropped a family heirloom down the garbage disposal! This ring was embedded with family history: It was her grandmother’s...

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