Gemstones and jewelry are portable and highly valued. We protect the privacy of our clients and appreciate their sharing the sentiments printed below.

From a client with a world-class gem and jewelry collection:

“For the past nineteen years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Cynthia Zava, and through her technical, market and sourcing knowledge have built a considerable collection. With her refined eye, due diligence … Read more

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From a client who has worked with us to build a collection of unique gems and jewels over the past seven years:

“Working with Cynthia Zava over the past seven years has been a dream come true.  She has been able to bring out creativity I never knew I had through our collaborative efforts in jewelry designing.   … Read more

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From a husband working sight unseen over the phone:

“TERRIFIC! — let’s go with the bigger diamond, it sounds perfect.  I agree – the handcrafted ring is the only way to go…… Re: engraving, i would like to write “A wish come true…always”   You … Read more

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From a letter a client wrote to her Dad, who helped her remake a family ring that had been damaged in a garbage disposal:

“Dad, the ring is BEAUTIFUL!! It looks almost exactly like the original ring, except more brilliant as the diamonds are larger and probably better cut. Cynthia did a wonderful job on this piece, and I … Read more

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From a librarian who got quite a surprise from her husband:

“Much like a schoolgirl, I keep glancing at my ring to assure myself that it’s still on my finger. Guilty Pleasure. That’s the only way to describe the feeling I have wearing this elegant piece … Read more

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From a very cosmopolitan collector of colored gems:

“I’m sitting in the glorious sun at a friend’s country house about to have lunch, and the Aquamarine is glistening! It reads much “richer” in the setting than as an unset gem. I LOVE It. … Read more

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Upon the delivery of a pair of Tanzanite earrings:

“Thanks for coming over yesterday & dropping off the tanzanite earrings! Lunch was fun. I can’t stop looking at the earrings (anybody seeing me today would think I was totally narcissitic – I’ve been looking … Read more

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From Golden Door Spa guest comments on Cynthia Zava’s presentation:

“Speakers need to be as knowledgeable as Cynthia (the jeweler). She was very interesting and informative – absolutely delightful and I am not much of a jewelry person! ”… Read more

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The following comments are from clients working with Cynthia Renee, Inc. long distance. They were seeing their jewelry for the first time:

Cynthia – the package just arrived and they are truly beautiful. I am so pleased they turned out so well. I can’t believe I hesitated over that decision for six months. Totally the right way to go with that stone. Thank you so very much for your excellent work. I really love working with you.

“Thank you for introducing ‘color’ to me. I look at fabrics and stones in a different way since I have met you. You are so thoughtful and generous.”

“ I have to tell you the honest truth…. Those rings are the best wedding bands I have ever seen.  I am not just saying that; I told everyone that I don’t think I could have dreamed up a nicer ring.  OK so I peeked.  We even practiced putting them on each other.  I just wanted to make sure they fit.  I love them and mine brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much.”

“ WOW! The diamond earrings look amazing. I love them and I ‘m sure Carrie will also. I really would like to thank you for all that you have done to make this possible.”

“O my God, oh my God….absolutely fantastic.  I must say I favor the Tanzanites – really incredible!!!!  And the size is really perfect for me – I have to keep that in mind on future earrings! Can you forward me to the Jewelry Anonymous line?”

“I am speechless!  Jim surprised me last night with my stunningly beautiful 40th anniversary ring – as you, of course, know!  I love it, and I love knowing all the caring, skilled, knowledgeable and talented people who created it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The book is such a nice touch, too. You do things right. It fits perfectly and looks great on my finger.  I am showing it off!”

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