The Color Palette System ®

Many women already have the beginning of a gemstone collection in their jewel boxes: their birthstone pieces. Beyond those birthstones lies a wide array of gems in a kaleidoscope of colors awaiting discovery. Our Color Palette System® sorts those diverse gem options into easy-to-understand palettes and serves as the foundation upon which you can build a gem wardrobe. The Color Palette System® doesn’t offer color trends or outline what colors work best for your complexion, instead it is a comprehensive and timeless framework that explains the essence of colors and how to combine them. The Color Palette System® will help you not only understand how to wear gemstones, but also uncover the joy of bringing color into all aspects of your life—from home decorating to fashion.

Our Gem Color Palettes of “Icy Pastels,” Tropic,” “Bright Lights,” “Serengeti,” and “Vineyard” are groupings of colored gems with similar feelings, tones or hues. We create colors palettes in gem themes that harmonize and contrast in a way that tells a visual story. Two color palettes, Serengeti and Vineyard, are muted and earthy. One is a clear pastel we call Icy Pastels. Two are vivid – the clear jewel tones of the Bright Lights and the warmer vivid hues of Tropic. These five palettes provide the framework from which you can understand color and use it effectively. Color palettes are fluid – one flows into the other; they can be merged, just like key pieces of a clothing wardrobe.