The Serengeti Palette ®

Serengeti Palette

Gems: Among the gems in the Serengeti palette are Citrine; mocha, golden and green Zircon; copper, pumpkin and sage-green Tourmaline; golden and peachy Topaz; blended-cut Ametrine; butterscotch and russet Garnets; smoky Quartz; bicolor Tourmaline, mauve-hued Spinel and black Diamond, plus more.

Ever seen the classic film “Out of Africa?” The warm greens and browns and other earthy hues of those vistas were inviting and sophisticated. It is no surprise, then, that they form the warm, beautiful and neutral Serengeti palette—the basic foundation upon which you will begin to build color into your life and wardrobe. The Serengeti Color Palette® plays on fashion’s acceptance of chocolate and brown clothing as a basic that rival black; and Serengeti’s neutrality forms the backbone of our Color Palette System®.

These colors are the stylish neutrals that form an anchor for other colors in fashion, design and cosmetics. Serengeti gemstones serve the same purpose: they are versatile and sophisticated neutral stones that mix and layer. Happily, these gems are often also the least expensive and most readily available in larger sizes.

These gems are subtle and more monochromatic than any other palette. All the colors have an earthy edge – whether the tawny golden tones of Sunflower Citrine, the glowing mahogany of Mocha Zircon, the muted sage green of Tourmaline or Spinel’s brownish-purplish mauves.

The Serengeti gem colors are the most sophisticated basics in any jewelry wardrobe and, with their effortless blending with many other colors, can extend your wear of existing jewelry. Like yellow gold, some of the Serengeti colors—be they gems or any product—can be layered tonally, or merged with the Icy Pastel, Vineyard, Tropic, or Bright Lights gem palettes.