The Tropic Color Palette ®

Tropic Palette

Gems: Peridot; Intense Yellow Sapphire, Golden Citrine and Beryl, Red Spinel, “Raspberry” Rhodolite; Hot Pink and Red Tourmaline; Mandarin Garnet; Amethyst; Chrome Tourmaline, Chrysoberyl, Spicy-colored Garnets; Fire Opal; 50-50 cut Ametrine; Ruby, Tanzanite

The number one characteristic of the tropics is foliage. Leaf green is everywhere. And so it is with the Tropic Color Palette®. From there, tropical dreams encourage you to combine colors.

It’s not necessary to wear Tropic colored clothing to benefit from gems in this color palette. Just as a lime-green scarf accents a navy jacket, these gems worn with neutral clothing colors add brightness, youth and vitality. You don’t need to dress like Carmen Miranda to enjoy them!

Imagine the beauty of a woman dressed in simple black surrounded by lush foliage. Black’s austerity provides a blank canvas to showcase the leaves’ lushness. They look even more lush against such a simple backdrop. Now, translate that scene to accessories. A vivid gem, scarf or bag, is stunning against simple dark clothing. The gems, especially, stand out and shine even more so.

Of the five palettes in our Color Palette System®, the Tropic and Bright Lights are the most intense. The Tropic Palette® gems equal the intensity of those in the Bright Lights, yet there is one importance difference: Tropic colors are yellow-based like the bright tropic sun. Bright Lights gem colors are usually blue-based (except for the canary yellows). The vivid hues of Tropic’s golds, purples and reds, however, work with Bright Lights’ cool clear colors. Peridot, Citrine and some of the rosier Rhodolites and Tourmalines are beautiful with the earthier hues of the Serengeti and Vineyard Color Palettes®.