Most of today’s luxury goods companies started over one-hundred years ago as simple one-person operations created by an artisan to sell their exquisite, handcrafted items. Today, those companies carry their founders’ names but most are owned and run by the financiers who now market “luxury” to the mass market.

Cynthia Renee, Inc. is a purposely small company that produces impeccably made gems and jewelry. We work collaboratively with our customers crafting jewelry using techniques, discipline and materials rarely encountered in today’s world of shallow luxury. Working with novice to advanced jewelry collectors, Cynthia uses her two decades of experience guiding her clients through the process of transforming an idea into a piece of jewelry that distills the essence of the wearer’s life.

Whether by personal appointment in our studio in Chapel Hill, a personal visit to a client’s home or office around the country, or long distance using a combination of internet with telephone or Skype, the result is a piece of jewelry that embodies your memories, experiences and aesthetic.

For many, even those who can easily match a fabric swatch with a window treatment or sofa style, designing jewelry is beyond their comfort zone. The design and creation of jewelry can be a last frontier for those wanting something completely unique and personal. Like many frontiers, once viewed, the vista irresistibly calls. As any other voyage, custom jewelry is accomplished in steady, small steps.

Sometimes the client comes with only the vaguest idea of what they want or like, and together we begin a discovery process. Others have a definite idea of what they have in mind.