Bead Necklace~Aquamarine



Aquamarine is a gem that gets its name from its color, the hues of the sea, and has a storied history related to the earth’s ocean and water.   Cool as water, aquamarine is considered to relax the wearer and bring their good qualities to the forefront.

Mythical mermaids held the limpid blue crystal as treasure.  Early sailors wore it for protection and luck as sea, often carving Neptune’s likeness into aquamarine’s surface.

Aquamarine is not just for March babies, though it is designated as the birthstone for March and for the watery zodiac sign of Pisces.

Aquamarine is associated with the Throat Chakra, considered the voice of the body focusing on your ability to communicate and the flow of self-expression.  It aids in the ability to speak your truth, trust your power and create your own road to success.


Cynthia Renee hand-selected this strand of aquamarine for their strong yet calming hue, rounded perfection, high polish and even drillholes through the beads.  She finished them with the trigger clasp, which is easy to use and can sometimes clip into other necklaces you may own to make one long strand.


This aquamarine bead necklace is comprised of 51 round, smooth beads graduating in size from 8.5 to 12 mm.  They are strung on a knotted thread with an 18 karat white gold trigger clasp.  Necklace is 21” long.


Enjoy these beads on bare skin in spring and summer and with winter’s sweaters and wools of winter.  They harmonize with most every fashion color – scrumptious on gray and bittersweet chocolate hues too.

The 21 inch length of these beads makes them easy to wear over high-necked sweaters and blouses as well as with a cami or open shirt.



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