Large & Luminous “Fireball” Baroque Pearl Earrings


Large and luminous white, 15x21mm, baroque “fireball” pearl earrings crafted with a leaf motif in 18 karat white gold; we make our swan-neck wire that goes through the ear shorter than most, so the earrings hang correctly and don’t pull the earlobe. 

The luminosity of these baroque pearls makes for stunning earrings that give your face a glow.

Fireball is a term used in the trade and refers to one end of the pearl having a rounded shape with an irregular “tail” flowing behind it, like a meteor or comet – hence “fireball.”  ?

Since each pearl is irregularly shaped, it is very hard to match them for pairs, and even then each pearl will echo the shape of the other, not be exact cookie-cutter match.  Charming, yes?

The irregular shape is a real boon for us because when light hits the pearl’s wavy surface, it diffracts into a rainbow of spectral (remember ROY G. BIV from science class?) colors. The diffraction of light creates the pearl’s iridescence.

(Pair C from limited edition of three earring pairs)



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