What ranges in color from butterscotch, to orange, green, to red with some of the most prominent deposits located in the U.S.? Give up? Breathtaking sunstones! This stone’s substantial size and striking color, coupled with its superior cut make it a collector’s dream gem. 

Large, vivid-yellow, faceted Danburites like this are a needle in a haystack. Most are small and vary from colorless to a lackluster straw or beige. The yellow glow in this stone, unlike many yellow sapphires or citrines heated to obtain their hue, is natural.

Watched over by Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Merelani Hills of Tanzania are the only source of Tanzanite, the velvety blue variety of the mineral zoisite. Legend has it that a fire started by lightening created enough heat that brown zoisite crystals lying on the earth’s surface morphed into a rich blue and violet bloom.

Do you need a savvy, honorable guide through the subtleties of the colored gemstone market, who helps you collect and find the right gem at the right price?

Cynthia originally sold gems and jewels through retail stores and has spent over 30 years evaluating gem materials and filing their characteristics away in her mental grid. Now she works almost exclusively with private clients, sourcing gems from distant locales and creating bespoke jewels using techniques, methods, and materials rarely encountered in commercial jewelry.

“As an importer with an inventory of colored gems, I offer access to the source, which a typical jewelry store cannot,” says Cynthia. “I can help gem collectors advance their knowledge, develop a heightened understanding of quality, and teach collectors the subtleties and nuances in gems, because of my background in geology and my gemological expertise. My close trade relationships give me the ability to source the most unusual of gemstones for collectors.”

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“For over 25 years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Cynthia, and through her technical, market and sourcing knowledge have built a considerable colored gem collection. With her refined eye, due diligence and insight into my wish list, she is the only dealer I can trust to make buying decisions for me, whether she’s in the highlands of Sri Lanka, a Hong Kong high rise or the Tucson desert. Her “full custom” jewelry design and crafting is graceful, refined and meticulous and she is always upping her skill set. With her experience, wisdom and judgment, she has no equal.

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