Contact us by telephone (919.883.4791) to arrange payment by a credit card, check, wire transfer or other medium.

Our online boutique processes credit card sales of up to $5000. We only ship to the billing address or to another confirmed shipping address on record with your credit card company. Due to the proliferation of internet fraud, purchases of over $5000 to unknown accounts can be made by wire transfer.

Cynthia Renée does offer payment plans for purchases over $1000. Please contact us to set up a program suitable to your needs.


We are located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Sales tax is only charged for sales within the State of North Carolina. If you are a resident of North Carolina &/or indicate a North Carolina shipping address, we must charge the applicable sales tax unless you are a wholesale trade account, with a resale tax number. If you are located anywhere outside the State of North Carolina, there is no applicable sales tax.

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