Pass the Bubbly Please

Pass the Bubbly Please

Diana Jarret raises a glass in praise of Cynthia Renee's exquisite champagne diamond, baroque pearl, and gorgeous blush pink-toned gems in her...


Crafting Custom Jewelry: The Artistic Journey

What to Expect in Creating Your Custom Jewel. Liana, drawn by my newsletters and a friend's suggestion, reached out. Her profound connection to her late husband and their shared passions set the stage for our creative quest.1. Let's TalkUsing Zoom or phone, we learn...

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Weaving Precious Threads: Jewelry for Timeless Connection

Your jewelry serves as a tangible link that weaves together your past, present, and future. Beyond being mere trinkets, they encapsulate the energies of the remarkable individuals who preceded you.“There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s...

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The Brilliance of Danburite: A Gemstone Exploration

Gems can connect us with a feeling, a response to their incredible beauty created over eons on Earth. It's amazing how minerals are formed through natural processes. Skilled hands can transform them into something as dynamic and mesmerizing as this Danburite. Imagine...

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See Cynthia Renée's custom jewelry design portfolio here.


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