Oops, we did it again! Three Pieces. One Award-winning Custom Jewelry Design

I’m happy to receive another win in a national competition: First Place for Custom Design Distinction in the MJSA Vision Awards. This winning jewel was a full custom jewelry piece featuring colored gemstones for a client who lives 3,000 miles from me…



Reflect: to contemplate, ponder

Cynthia Renée, a trained geologist, gem hunter, and gifted jewelry artist, was inspired to create the Reflections Collection during a period of contemplation, discovery and rebirth in her own life. In the midst of this natural cycle, she rediscovered the fierce allure of nature, which shocked her senses and set her on a new path of artistic discovery …


The Smile

One of my passions is to express facets of life in jewelry . . . in this case, The Smile. Very few things in life make us feel as wonderful as the warmth of a smile. My client, a jewelry collector, acquired an extraordinary large, baroque 26 mm South Sea pearl. Take the pearl, turn it on its side and its resemblance to a smile is unmistakable. Even more remarkable were the compliments my client regularly received about the beauty of her own lips and smile. One couldn’t miss the connection between the majestic pearl and her life . . .


A Natural

During the Spring of 2014, I met a wonderful person with a natural gift for gem collecting … she mentioned she had been seeking an electric red spinel for a few years- an esoteric rarity. A gemstone revered by dealers and collectors, Spinel remains virtually unknown to the public. Showstoppers in many colors, the vivid reds garner the most attention, appearing “battery-powered” in their intensity.


Something New & A Bit Blue

Looking through one’s jewelry box can be a trip down memory lane ~ in this case a pair of early 1990s yellow, gold, and black onyx earrings.

When my friend and client uncovered these relics from her past, she decided to keep the onyx and scrap the gold. She had the idea to make a jeweled pendant/brooch combination with the onyx holding center stage …


When You Wish Upon A Star

“To Cynthia, Enjoy the Heavens, Warren Bopp”
One of my treasured possessions is the photo of the Hale-Bopp comet backlighting a forest of Saguaro cactus signed by Warren Bopp. Most nights, my 89-year old father slips out to the back patio, a silent witness to the marvel of the night sky’s wonder and how we’re all a part of it. I think of motherhood as a shooting star. Consider the continuity implied: A shooting star carries the history of the heavens, travels on its own voyage and leaves itself behind in the meteorites that land on earth.


Father’s Cufflinks

Cynthia Renée “Father’s” cufflinks made of 18-karat yellow gold. Each of the 3-mm gemstones represents the birth month of father and three sons; Mama is the natural, freshwater pearl in the middle. The motif was inspired by decorative studs on a Spanish church door.

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