Bale, Reversible


Our Reversible Bale is a game-changer in jewelry versatility. It effortlessly adapts both your cherished heirlooms and fresh finds into wear as pendants.  With this one adaptable bale, you can revive cherished jewels and have fun with new finds styling in the many ways that reflect your personality.

The Reversible Bale was birthed from our desire to wear cherished gems and jewels in myriad ways, reinventing and repurposing, ensuring every piece has its day in the sun.

Effortlessly switch from that cherished vintage or inherited brooch you’ve tucked away to the antique fob you bought on a vacation, to the removable tassel on an earring you’ve had for ages and convert them all to pendants using one of our Reversible Bale.

The Details:

The Reversible Bale has two sides with a hinged center.  Each side of the bale can be a different color of metal or texture or even studded with bead-set diamonds.

The standard color combinations for our Reversible Bale are 18 karat yellow gold on one side and 14 karat white gold on the reverse, both high polish, though we offer customized options (below).

With an inside diameter of approximately ¼ inch, our Reversible Bale fits over most chains, cords and over the knots between pearls and beads.

Customization Options:

-Consider your gold colors and whether both sides are a reflective high polish or satin texture on one side?

-All one-color gold, high polish one side and satin on the reverse

-We offer any combination of white, yellow or rose gold; connect with us to discuss you desire.

-One side any color of gold and bead-set diamonds on the reverse in any color of gold.

Styling Ideas:

Achieve a fresh look each time by simply switching between the two finely finished sides of the bale. You may enjoy this video showing the style ideas mentioned below:

Heritage Meets Modern:  Wear Grandpa’s unworn pocket watch into a pendant.

Are you a vintage shopper?  You’ll enjoy wearing your collected vintage pieces, such as seals and fobs as pendants.

Revive Unworn Pieces:  You’ll be surprised what you can adapt as a pendant using our Reversible Bale.  A vintage Taxco Silver and Amethyst Brooch is worn as a pendant much more than as a brooch.

Two for Two: Often one half of a pair of earrings can also be adapted to wear as a pendant using our Reversible Bale. If you’ve lost one piece of a pair of earrings, it can often have new life as a pendant.

Creative Freedom: The Reversible Bale isn’t tied down. Use it with a myriad of pieces, switching them out as your mood or outfit demands.

Wear and Care Instructions:

To ensure the luster and durability of your Reversible Bale, gently clean it using a soft cloth.

Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals (such as chlorine) and always ensure you hear the comforting ‘click’ when securing.

Connect with Us:

Your jewelry journey is personal, and we’re here to guide and support. To explore further or to bring your bespoke vision to life, reach out to us. We cherish every opportunity to enhance your experience.

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