Bead Necklace~Banded Red Sardonyx and Sunstone



Strikingly beautiful, Sardonyx has been prized since ancient times and is associated with courage, happiness and clear communication, lending success to interpersonal relationships and partnerships.

Roman soldiers wore Sardonyx talismans engraved with portraits of Hercules or Mars, the god of war, to transfer the bold courage associated with these gods to themselves and bring good fortune.

Renaissance jewelers drew inspiration from the ancient Roman and Greek worlds, and jewelry featuring Sardonyx carved into depictions of classical beauty and symbols was fashionable and eloquent.

It is often carved into cameos and intaglios, and it is unusual to find fine Sardonyx beads this size that is not dyed.  Cynthia purchased these rare and sizable beads decades ago and held them back in her stash. Sunstone has a natural solar gleam and play perfectly with the Sardonyx.


Bead necklace composed of 18 mm natural color, banded red Sardonyx strung with 5 mm beads of Sunstone from the State of Oregon, USA, strung on knotted orange thread with our magnetic “Luna” clasp handcrafted from Damascus steel; 19.5″ long.


Striking, chic and simple, this bead necklace will have so many uses in your wardrobe – from summer linens to fall charcoals, chocolates and greens.

Our magnetic “Luna” clasp is very strong while easy to use; you can even wear several necklaces together by interlocking Luna clasps.



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