Bead Necklace~Tiger’s Eye

This Tiger’s Eye bead necklace is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and the allure of natural beauty. Each bead in this continuous strand has been hand-selected by Cynthia Renee, ensuring that only the most harmonious pieces, free from cracks and with perfectly aligned banding, are included. This careful selection process guarantees that each 12-mm Tiger’s Eye bead aligns gracefully, creating a peaceful, cohesive look.   The necklace is composed of 65 smooth, round beads, each reflecting light in a mesmerizing play due to the unique banding of minerals inherent in Tiger’s Eye.

Knotted on a complementary brown thread, this necklace also features 13 20-karat yellow gold vermeil saucer beads, adding a subtle yet luxurious touch. Its design, a continuous strand without a clasp, not only enhances its sleek appearance but also makes it a practical and comfortable choice. This thoughtful design choice ensures the necklace slips easily over your head, also offering savings by eliminating the need for a clasp.

Envision this necklace as a versatile addition to your jewelry collection, perfect for layering with gold chains and charms. Its earthy, rich tones and captivating sheen make it suitable for all seasons, effortlessly complementing summer’s light fabrics and winter’s heavier textures.

The lore of Tiger’s Eye, believed to bring focus, determination, and confidence, adds an element of mystique and empowerment to this elegant piece. It’s more than just an accessory; it’s a year-round companion that blends natural elegance with a touch of the exotic, perfect for the woman who values both beauty and the unique stories behind her jewels.


Bead Necklace consisting of 65 pieces of 12-mm Tiger’s Eye smooth round beads knotted on brown thread with 13-20 karat yellow gold over silver saucer beads; continuous strand – no clasp.


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