Berry Bead Gem Drops in Lapis



We search for the brightest natural colors of Lapis, devoid of white calcite veining. Lapis is found in the earth with pyrite (fool’s gold) and we do like a springing of pyrite in the beads which add some gleam and individuation.

Historically, the finest lapis comes from Afghanistan, dating back to 700 BC. With the current situation in Afghanistan, an already spotty supply may become more difficult.

Lapis is associated with intuition, imagination, and seeing the big picture.


Berry Bead Gem Drop Pair in 18 karat yellow gold with a 12 mm bead. The intricate gold berry stem is hand textured and reflects beautifully in the light as you move your head.


Berry Bead Gem Drops  are a bright drop of color with an intricate and textured gold detailing.

Sometimes, you’ll want to wear them simply alone on our Swan Neck Wires, sold separately.

Other times, transform your Progressive Pearl Studs by adding Berry Beads as a drop – in which case, you’ll need a pair of pearls and a J-Hook Adapter.

Original price was: $1,995.00.Current price is: $755.00.

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