Gia Earring Featuring Natural Azurite-Malachite And Bronze Zircon

Gia earrings in 18-karat white gold featuring natural Azurite-Malachite accented by a pair of glowing Bronze Zircon. The Azurite-Malachite pair weighs 31.98 carats and is from the fabled Morenci Copper Mine, Arizona, USA and the 3.77 carat pair of Bronze Zircon is from Tanzania.  Earrings are made with a heavy 10-mm parabolic friction nut for comfort and to prevent tipping.

About the Gia design series:  With the Gia series, Cynthia Renee gets back to her roots as a geologist who curiously mesmerized by the patterns and riddles of the Earth.  Using pieces of polished rock or mineral, she connects the wearer with the Earth’s power, beauty and mystery.

A millennium or more ago, we were much closer to the elements.  We felt the rain on our skin, the breeze’s cool flutter and the shifts of seasonal pulses.

We knew heaven had a place on Earth.  So, we touched the Earth, making communion with it through everyday rituals and objects we held sacred. Objects so beautiful we held them close, adorning our bodies.  We didn’t feel so alone because in celebrating the sacredness of the world, we felt connected to something larger than ourselves.

As our society has become industrial, we’ve become separated from nature’s elements. Now we need this more than ever, as we push through society’s uncivil frenzy and endless analysis.  Jewelry, designed with grace to enshrine colorful jewels, is a testament to life’s light and beauty.

These pleasures are nourishing in a profound and necessary way – they give our imagination the chance to fly.


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