Oslo Ring featuring Blue Zircon and Purple Garnet

One-of-a-Kind “Oslo” 3-stone ring in 18 karat white gold featuring 8.13 carat vivid Blue Zircon (Cambodia) accented by 2.85 carat pair of Purple Garnet from the unusual find in Mozambique; size 7, but can size to fit.

This is such a striking color combination – the Blue Zircon is vivid and sharp, yet glacial cool. The Purple Mozambique Garnets are also vivid, yet warm.  These gems combine in an equal opposition of cool and hot yet are balanced in their vivid energy.  The tension between equally opposed colors rivets one’s attention,  Cynthia Renee patiently collects the gemstones, combining just the right hues, intensities and cuts.

These gems were faceted with attention to fully optimize their brilliance and light return and are exceptionally vivid and fine.

The vivid Blue Zircon was found in Ratanakiri, Cambodia where it was purchased from small artisanal miners, and we refaceted after purchase to bring out its greatest light and beauty.  Light moves through zircon in an especially brilliant way; because of this, close up photos of fine zircon can look a bit blurry. When you see this ring before your eyes, rest assured, it is striking and vibrant.

Purple Garnet was discovered in Mozambique around 2016 and no other world-wide location produces such vivid purple garnets.  The earth gives up few of these fine garnets, and this pair is quite rare.

The ring’s side view is open to enjoy the gems’ color chemistry from all directions.

Blue Zircon is the birthstone for December, while garnet is the birthstone for January babies.


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