Heaven & Earth Ring featuring Pink Tourmaline and Peach Tourmaline
by Special Order

“Heaven & Earth” 3-stone ring in palladium featuring 5.75 carats Pink Tourmaline from Mozambique accented by a pair of 4.51 carats Peach Topaz; size 7 but can size. Natural colors.

We call this ring design “Heaven & Earth” as the arched shape in the side gallery symbolizes a bridge connecting our highest thoughts, essence and dreams with the essence of earthly gemstones. This trio of delicately colored gems is a “blush color poem” that glows in indirect light and scintillates as the wearer turns her hand. The Peach Topaz pair if very hard to find and custom cut for maximum reflectivity and brilliance. The Pink Tourmaline is from the find in Mozambique that produces the vivid-blue cuprian Tourmalines. We’ll never see this combination again. This ring was chosen for the 2016 Bridal Runway Fashion Show of Ines di Santo. Topaz is the birthstone for November, while Tourmaline is a birthstone for October.

How to Wear: This is a powerfully sized ring, yet because of it’s neutral shades doesn’t overpower the hand. Palladium is a naturally white metal, like platinum, yet much more comfortable on the finger because of its lower density. Wear alone or stack with a band or wedding ring.

Starting at $16,500.00

Available by Special Order.
Please contact Cynthia with any questions.

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