Bead Necklace~Rock Crystal “Red Thread of Destiny”



Have you heard of the “Red Thread of Destiny?” It is the belief that people who are destined to meet are connected with an invisible Red Thread. This thread can get tangled and pulled but it will never break. Those connected by this Red Thread will play a major part in each other’s lives, at some time, place or circumstance – whether at a pivotal point or for a lifetime.

The red thread gleams through these clear “pools of light” natural quartz rock crystal beads. And, what is the most beautiful characteristic of any gemstone? The way it reflects the light.

Cynthia searches for the most internally clear natural rock crystal beads, so the reflection is pure. She has tried many colors to string the beads on, but red and turquoise give the most power through the clear quartz. Strung for simple and strong visual impact with no clasp.

Move through your world wearing these reflecting orbs around your neck, close to your heart, and live your destiny.

Cynthia searches for the most internally clear natural rock crystal beads, so the reflection is pure.

Magical. Luxe. Easy. Your new jewelry wardrobe “go to.”


Rock Crystal, revered as the “master healer,” is an amplifier of intentions and a crown chakra opener, awakening dreams and inner power. Capturing the universe’s light, it balances energy across all chakras, reflecting a harmonious glow and aiding consciousness expansion.


Bead necklace consisting of 38 pieces of 16-mm Rock Crystal (N) strung on knotted red thread; 24 inches long

Says our dear client, S.L:  “In different light, they look differently. Indoors they have a chatoyancy that makes them look lit from within! I don’t know how to explain it…they are quite magical. You are an artist and soulful woman of intense beauty and grace.”

Available with turquoise and red thread.


With these large, clear rock crystal beads, the light reflection is so pure.  They take on the color of the clothing they are worn upon making them extremely versatile.

While the red thread gleams, you will find this one of the most versatile “go-to” pieces of jewelry in your wardrobe – wear with a white shirt or a dressy black dress.

Watch this Jewel on the Move:


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