Scintilla Earring with Citrine, Rhodolite and Tsavorite
by Special Order  



Part of Cynthia Renee’s Lumina Astra Collection, the Scintilla design embodies the collection’s uplifting and soul-stirring essence of light and color.

Scintilla is a celebration of life’s vibrant moments. Its playful arrangement of multi-colored gems, akin to a burst of confetti, encapsulates the joy and spontaneity of life’s unexpected pleasures. Each stone is carefully selected to represent different facets of life’s rich tapestry.


The Scintilla design is a homage to life’s colorful journey. Its seemingly scattered gem placement is meticulously designed to create a harmonious yet lively effect, reminiscent of a festive celebration. The design symbolizes the beauty of embracing life’s diverse experiences.


Pair “Scintilla” earrings in 18 karat yellow gold featuring 1.06 ct. Citrine, 0.83 cts Rhoodolite Garnet, 0.24 cts. Tsavorite Garnet and pair 6.5-7 mm white freshwater pearl; tail on back to support drops; 8 mm parabolic friction back.

Approximately half-inch long.


Scintilla is your go-to for adding a playful yet sophisticated touch to any outfit. Ideal for casual brunches or elegant dinners, its colorful charm pairs wonderfully with monochromatic outfits or patterns.

For an added layer of luxury, combine it with our Progressive Pearls Collection drops, creating a new look for every occasion.

The photos below show several looks adding separate drops:

Scintilla earring with square Citrine Gem Drops.   

Scintilla earring with Peapod Bridges and square Citrine Gem Drops

Scintilla earring with square Citrine Gem Drops, Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Drop Adapters



Available by Special Order.
Please contact Cynthia with any questions.

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