Torii Ring featuring Tahitian Black Pearl and Red Spinel

This one-of-a-kind “Torii” ring features a luminous Tahitian Pearl (11 mm round) flanked by a pair of Red Spinel weighing 0.90 carats set in 18 karat yellow gold; size 7 but can size to fit.  The Tahitian Pearl is an undyed, natural gray-rose color; the Red Spinel are natural from Burma.

Inspired by the grace and symbolism inherent in the torii form, Cynthia Renee created the Torii ring to remind you of your life’s moments of beauty and grace.

Torii gates are often seen in Shinto shrines as a symbolic gateway marking the passage between the everyday world of tasks and concerns to the timeless world of the sacred and profound.

From the side, our Torii ring is minimal and balanced.  In silhouette, the round shape of the luminous pearl balances on a gold crescent flanked by gems that seem to float by its side.  This open space allows your thoughts and dreams room to roam and strengthen.

Balance in all aspects is considered. Each ring is one-of-a-kind with Cynthia Renee hand-picking which hues of pearl, gems and gold will combine to create a color chord of inspiration.

Our Torii jewels are a great symbol to mark life’s transitions. Perhaps a woman poised on the brink of leaving one world and entering another.

Whether it’s a new life phase or direction, graduation, birth or achievement, the Torii ring helps you commemorate the moment.

The Torii Gate ring and Cynthia Renee were featured in the MJSA Journal’s column “Finding Inspiration” August 2023.

Birthstones:  Pearl is the birthstone for June. Spinel is a birthstone for August, along with Peridot.

How to Wear: Stack the Torii ring with other rings, even a wedding band.  Check out our Perfect Band Rings, which were designed to wear with the shape of our ring shanks.  You may like to stack a Squircle ring of a different gold color on each side of your Torii ring, or just wear one.


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