Of Mice & Moonstones

Illuminate: to brighten with light “Beauty and nature have always supported me, and I find myself turning again and again to the metaphors the natural world provides,” says Cynthia Renée. “I purchased the hand-carved moonstone mice and the cat’s-eye moonstone pairs...


Reflect: to contemplate, ponder Cynthia Renée, a trained geologist, gem hunter, and gifted jewelry artist, was inspired to create the Reflections Collection during a period of contemplation, discovery and rebirth in her own life. In the midst of this natural cycle,...


Rebirth: A period of new life, growth, or renewed activity. Cynthia Renée, trained geologist and jewelry artist, was touched by the amazing cycle of life when strolling with her young daughters by a sycamore tree. She explains, “A mother barn owl had nested in a hole...

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