Long Distance Legacy

My friend Lisa was in from Amsterdam with bags of gems and jewels she had collected over years of travel. Lisa’s jewel stash was large and varied, the only common denominator amongst the pieces was her good eye and sense of the possible.

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Heart Opal

Feelings can be so raw and hearts so tender that words are clumsily inadequate for expressing them. Our hearts break, simultaneously expanding, ushering us through a terra incognita...

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Dreaming in Color

You can buy a finished pie at the bakery, just buy a pie crust or make your own.  Some even create their own recipes. We made our own recipe creating a jewel starting with...

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Colorful Expressions

Colorful Expressions: Using colored gem jewelry as symbols of self and meaning. Initiation and growth are Spring’s hallmarks. It’s 37 degrees the day I’m writing...

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B.Y.O.J. = Bring Your Own Jewels

Spring is in the air bringing with it our desire for something new…… We can recreate starting with your own jewelry – you know… the jewelry that’s languishing in your...

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How to Create Your Story in Jewels

  My Mother Bathed in sun, my mother is deep in thought. I am there in her eyes imagining her future unfolding. Peggy Jo Donahue One of my greatest rewards is working with a client to distill...

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Reflect: to contemplate, ponder Cynthia Renée, a trained geologist, gem hunter, and gifted jewelry artist, was inspired to create the Reflections Collection during a period of contemplation,...

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Everyone’s a genius in hindsight.

Everyone’s a genius in hindsight. More valuable is foresight – the ability to predict and take action based on insight into a future chain of events. Guided by intuition, vision, and smarts, my...

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