“Ice, Ice Baby”

Yesterday was Earth Day and I told a story about why the slogan “Inherit the Earth™️” speaks to me. CLICK to listen to my 3"40" story, below...

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Joy: a feeling of great pleasure, delight. “I had to include parrots in my Reflections Collection,” says Cynthia Renée...

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Long Distance Jewelry

Do you know we don't need to meet in person to create together? Let's Visit! So much of my work is creating with clients long-distance...

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“Gia” Earrings

Studying geology, I scrambled all over rocks learning  their secrets, trying to make sense of their place in Earth's history.  My jewelry creations start with the gem and how best to enshrine it.

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Meet “Phoenix,” the third of my three new collections launching in November. With the Phoenix designs, I have layered pieces of extraordinary gems and minerals...

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Pools of Light Close to Your Heart

Have you heard of the “Red Thread of Destiny?” It is the belief that people who are destined to meet are connected with an invisible Red Thread. This thread can get tangled and pulled but it will...

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Dreaming in Color

You can buy a finished pie at the bakery, just buy a pie crust or make your own.  Some even create their own recipes. We made our own recipe creating a jewel starting with...

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Colorful Expressions

Colorful Expressions: Using colored gem jewelry as symbols of self and meaning. Initiation and growth are Spring’s hallmarks. It’s 37 degrees the day I’m writing...

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How the Law of Odds Creates Visual Power

Going from a good design to a great one isn’t a matter of luck. I met with a customer, Frances, who had two pairs of gorgeous, rare and vivid gems – yellow danburite and teal “cuprian” tourmaline.  These are rare gems and great examples of their type.  Both pairs weighed less than three carats...

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Gem Services Concierge

I was born with an eye.  What makes it useful is 34 years of evaluating gem materials and assigning their characteristics to a mental grid I file away. One place my eye and savvy come into play every year is Tucson, which hosts the largest gathering of international players in every aspect of the colored gem world.  I've missed three years in 36.

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