Tahitian Black Progressive Pearl Studs ~11.7 mm

Pair of Black Tahitian Pearls, 11.2mm, on 18-karat yellow gold removable
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Pair of Black Tahitian Black Pearls, with slight rose overtones, 11.7 mm on 18-karat yellow gold removable “Progressive Pearl” posts with 12mm parabolic backs.

Luminous on the ear, it brightens the face when worn alone as a stud. The Pearl Stud is the foundation of our Progressive Pearl™ jewelry wardrobing system with a removable 18-karat yellow gold post that can be interchanged with our Diamond Drop Attachments for wear as drops and/or worn with our other pearl earring Enhancers.

This means you can wear each pearl four ways: as a luminous stud earring; with an Adaptor as a Pearl Drop; embellished with one of our Enhancers and as a foundation to support earring drops. Each pearl stud’s large parabolic friction back is like a “wonder bra” for your ears, distributing the weight of the earring more evenly to prevent tipping.


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