Charmed Life Earrings with Bronze Zircon


Embrace the warm spectrum of life with Cynthia Renee’s “Charmed Life” Earrings. Inspired by the diverse and rich hues of nature, these earrings are a tribute to the enigmatic beauty of Zircons from Tanzania. Each pair in this collection – bronze, cinnamon, and mocha – celebrates the unique allure of Zircon’s color variations. Cynthia carefully selected these earth-hued gems to create an exquisite color chord, a harmony that uplifts and energizes.


Handcrafted with precision, these earrings blend 18 karat yellow gold and 14 karat rose gold to accentuate the Zircon’s innate warmth. Six round, sparkling white diamonds, totaling 0.35 carats, provide a striking contrast, enhancing the rich tones of the Zircons, which weigh a total of 18.46 carats. The design’s genius lies in its versatility; each of the three sections is detachable, transforming to match your mood and style.


Total Weight of Zircon: 18.46 carats

Six white diamonds totaling 0.35 carats

Metal: 18 karat yellow gold and 14 karat rose gold

Design: Post with large friction nut, interchangeable sections


The “Charmed Life” earrings offer unparalleled versatility. Wear the top piece solo for a subtle yet sophisticated look, or attach one or both drops for added elegance. Transform them further by adding a pearl or other gem drop, creating a look that’s uniquely yours. These earrings are perfect for transitioning from a day at the office to an evening gala, adapting effortlessly to your wardrobe needs.

You can get ideas for how to combine the Charmed Life Earrings in different configurations form the photos below of a prior pair with Mali Garnets.


Cynthia Renee’s mastery in color selection shines in these earrings. The ‘Color Chord’ created by these Zircons not only showcases a collection but also harmonizes brilliantly, offering a visual symphony. Zircon’s diamond-like brilliance adds an energetic ‘zing’ to these earrings, making them not just a statement piece, but a celebration of light and color.

Ideal for collectors and those seeking a versatile, elegant solution for various styles and occasions, the “Charmed Life” earrings embody the essence of creativity and adaptability. Whether as a singular, stunning gift or shared among loved ones, these earrings are a testament to the joy of life’s varied hues and moments.


Here’s where the “Charmed Life” earrings truly shine. In need of unique yet cohesive gifts for three special people? These earrings, available on sale, can be ingeniously separated into three distinct pairs. Utilize our elegant Swan Neck Ear Wires to fashion each section into an individual pair of earrings. Each will hold a piece of the original ensemble yet stand out on its own – perfect for gifting a ‘variation on a theme.    WATCH the video to see what we mean.


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