Flordala Pendant (Petite) featuring Blue Zircon

Petite “Flordala” pendant featuring a vivid Blue Zircon (Cambodia) weighing 2.51 carats in 18 karat yellow gold sliding on a fully adjustable 20 inch, 14 karat yellow gold round wheat chain.

The petite Flordala pendant measures approximately one inch in diameter.  The chain is fully adjustable from 20 inches so you can enjoy your pendant with a variety of necklines.  The Flordala can also be easily removed so you can use the chain with other jewels you may have.

The Flordala motif fulfills our desire to unite the peaceful order of symmetry with the poetry of beauty and spirit. The arch and curve of the flower petals is accentuated by exquisite hand-texturing.  The petals’ texture radiates a quiet sheen contrasting with the high polish gleam of the mandala’s six radiating points.

A mandala is a geometric symbol seen in various spiritual traditions often used to focus attention and form a sacred space to assist in meditation and prayer.   All flowers uplift us, interspersing moments of joy and beauty with our life’s challenges.

The lotus flower is associated with faith, particularly the faith we have within ourselves, since it rises above murky waters, blooming and untainted. We set a colored gem in the flower’s crown, because gems are flowers that last forever.

Cynthia first conceptualized the Flordala design working with her dear friend and client, Mary, who had been dreaming of mandalas and sketched out her vision for a jewel to enshrine an emerald her father gifted her from a trip to Colombia.

Have a favorite gem, yours or ours, to set in a Flordala pendant?  We can do it!  Contact boutique@cynthiarenee.com for the next step.


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