“Force of Nature” Spinel Stud Earrings



Introducing the “Force of Nature” Spinel Stud Earrings – they have it all – rarity, beauty and intensity. Spinel, a gemstone treasured by connoisseurs and collectors, emanates an energy that’s almost palpable. These studs feature the coveted “Jedi” spinels, known for their extraordinary, almost ‘battery powered’ vibrancy. It’s as if they harness an inner force, a secret energy that empowers and enlivens.


At the heart of these earrings are the spellbinding spinels, each weighing 2.67 carats and measuring 6.5 mm in diameter-about the size of a one-carat diamond, but their impact is far more profound. The hot pinkish-red hue of these spinels exudes a potent combination of power and beauty, a rarity that demands attention!


We set these breathtaking gems in a classic 3-prong stud earring allowing their innate beauty and intensity to shine without distraction. These earrings are all about this maximum impact gem.  Of course, should you desire a more involved earring, we can remove them from the studs and create something just for you.


“Force of Nature” 2.67 carat spinel stud earrings set in 3-prong platinum stud with friction backs.  Spinels measure 6.5 mm.


Embrace the power!  Let these gems light up your face with a radiant glow and infuse your every step with zest. Whether complementing a casual ensemble or adding a striking touch to formal wear, these earrings are designed to adapt, enhancing every outfit with their versatile, neutral pink hues.


Pink gemstones are celebrated for their versatility. From the subtle shades of tourmalines to the intense vibrancy of these spinels, pink is a chameleon in the gem world – able to complement any color, any style. It’s a hue that not only lifts the spirit but sets it dancing with delight.


These “Force of Nature” Spinel Stud Earrings aren’t just accessories; they’re a statement of strength and beauty. Wearing them is a declaration of the wearer’s unique force and individuality.

The intensity of these spinels, akin to Jedi powers, is more than just a visual spectacle; it’s a symbol of the dynamic and vibrant spirit that lies within every woman.

These earrings are an invitation not just to adorn but to embody the fiery, boundless energy they represent.




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