Trellis Ring, Medium, featuring Amethyst


Associated with higher states of consciousness and connection to the universe, Amethyst is considered a sacred stone possessing strong healing powers.  It is one of the best gems for protection including clearing and protecting from negativity.

Amethyst can also help you move past outdated belief

Amethyst brings prosperity and good fortune; it is said to have the ability to release tension, aid in restful sleep and guards against energy attacks by transmuting negative energy to love. Oh – and the ancient Greeks wore Amethyst to protect them for intoxication.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February babies.


We custom-cut this gem starting with the rough crystal.  Careful attention was paid to the gem’s proportions, symmetry and facet positioning so light fully reflects this gem’s greatest beauty.  This means as this ring is worn, the gem flashes a full range of color and brilliance as your hand is moved.

This rough crystal from which we cut this fine amethyst comes from Jackson’s Crossroads, Georgia, USA. Jackson’s Crossroads is a revered source for super amethyst- primarily as mineral specimens, and it’s not as common to get a fine faceted gem. This is a medium-toned amethyst and extra brilliant – flashes of pink leap across the slightly bluish-purple gem as it is turned in the light.  Beautiful and coveted, it is also very hard to find.

This Amethyst is a bright and lively “not too dark” purple so it doesn’t disappear in darker evening light.  The color is natural.

The Trellis Ring is our most popular ring style. The trellis open-weave basket design gives flashes of the gem’s color and light as it is worn on the hand. White- and rose-gold were used to layer upon the amethyst’s spectacular hues of bluish-purple and red.

The “Cynthia Renee shank” with round inside and slightly squared off outside was created to prevent tipping and spinning and also is the most comfortable ring you’ll ever wear.


This Trellis ring features a 9.26 carat amethyst (13.7 mm cushion-cut) set in an 18 karat white gold “trellis” basket with 18 karat rose gold shank.  The ring is a size 7, but we can size it to fit.


Trellis rings are also great stacked with other band rings, even a wedding band.  The shape of our Perfect Band Ring perfectly mirrors the shape of the Trellis ring shank.

Amethyst can be such a variety of clothing colors.  Learn more amethyst styling ideas in our blog post How to Wear Purple Gems and Clothing. 

Watch this jewel on the move



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