The Sobering Story of Amethyst and Bacchus
Cynthia Renée"s blog: "The Sobering Story of Amethyst and Bacchus"

In Greek mythology, Bacchus is the God of agriculture and wine, with particular focus on fertility, ecstasy and festivity. Bacchanalia festivals were frenzied, indulgent wine-soaked events.

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One day, the fair maiden Amethystos crossed the path of Bacchus and refused his advances (which I’m sure were not subtle at all). Bacchus’s anger at being refused frightened Amethystos, and she prayed to the Goddess Diana, the protector of women, for protection.

Thwarting Bacchus, Diana transformed Amethystos into a clear crystal quartz. In remorse, Bacchus then poured his wine over the white crystal Amethystos, transforming her into the revered purple gem we call now Amethyst.



The name Amethyst derives from Greek as a protection for intoxication. Historically, Amethyst has been talisman protecting its wearer from crossing that fine line between a happy tipsiness and drunkenness.

For people like me, who barely drink, Amethyst is enjoyed for its rich sensual beauty, and I savor a gem historically revered.

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Amethyst, the jewels of goddess

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