Trellis Ring, Medium, featuring White Topaz
by Special Order  


Colorless gems are known as “master healers” and are associated with the Crown Chakra and its higher states of consciousness and universal oneness.

Colorless Topaz (and all colorless gems) captures the light from the universe and reflects its balanced glow.

Since white light contains all frequencies of light, colorless gems work with all chakras helping to balance and remove blockages for a free-flow of balanced energy allowing a flow of light through all the chakras to awaken your blocked dreams, desires, power and purpose.


Topaz is the name of a mineral family that produces gems in various hues of yellow, orange, reddish-orange, pink and blue.  This topaz was mined in Brazil and is of natural color. We custom-cut this gem starting with the rough crystal, so careful attention was paid to the proportions, symmetry and facet positioning so light fully reflects from the gem bringing out its greatest beauty.

Yellow- and rose-gold were used to layer with the white to create an appealing tension between icy, sparkling gem and the warmth of gold.

The trellis open-weave basket design gives flashes of the gem’s color and light as it is worn on the hand.


This “Trellis” ring features a 19.46 carats white topaz (14 mm cushion-cut) set in 18 karat rose gold “trellis” basket with 18 karat yellow gold shank. The ring is a size 7, but we can size it to fit.


Trellis rings are also great stacked with other band rings, even a wedding band.

Watch this jewel on the move


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