How the Law of Odds Creates Visual Power

Going from a good design to a great one isn’t a matter of luck. I met with a customer, Frances, who had two pairs of gorgeous, rare and vivid gems – yellow danburite and teal “cuprian” tourmaline.  These are rare gems and great examples of their type.  Both pairs...

Ring of Fire

In October of 2007, I flew to San Diego County to visit my friend and adventuresome client, Mary. The backcountry of San Diego is home to me and where I started my life in gems scrambling around various tourmaline mines, studying geology. Mary and I planned a visit to...

Everyone’s a genius in hindsight.

Everyone’s a genius in hindsight. More valuable is foresight – the ability to predict and take action based on insight into a future chain of events. Guided by intuition, vision, and smarts, my client purchased these exquisite 8.03-carat, tangerine Spessartite garnets...

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