50 Shades of Red

Rhodolite Garnet

15.11 carats
Origin: Tanzania
15.83×12.62×8.91 mm oval

A garnet…what do you see – bursting pomegranates…flames of crimson cabernet encircling your glass? Garnet comes from the Latin word Granatum referring to the red seeds of the Pomegranate; the true garnet palette extends into a rainbow of tangerine, mint, amber, and even black.

As early as 3100 B.C., Egyptians were the first known jewelers to fashion garnets into beads and inlays. Since, garnets have blossomed into some of the most creative, brilliant jewelry, and are the focus of many considered gem collections.

Cynthia, known among her colleagues as a seeker of the rare and unusual, was shown a Rhodolite garnet by a gem-trading friend. With over 55 years of combined experience between them, this Rhodolite was a color they had NEVER seen before: rich purple with red flashes stopping them in their tracks.

With rarity comes due diligence. With a report from the Gemological Institute of America certifying the gem’s authenticity, it was an easy decision to add this to her offerings. Somewhere, a gem collector will have the immense pleasure of owning what has never been had before.

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