Pools of Light Close to Your Heart

Have you heard of the “Red Thread of Destiny?” It is the belief that people who are destined to meet are connected with an invisible Red Thread. This thread can get tangled and pulled but it will...

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Jewelry Storage

Friends, many of you ask for advice on storing your jewelry. Jewelry storage has two main themes:  safety and accessibility. Your jewels are better off separated from each other so they do not...

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BYOJ: Bring Your Own Jewelry!

The years go by, and we find our jewelry box filled with unworn bits and pieces gathered over the years. Whether beloved jewels passed down from family or gifts and purchases made for our younger...

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It all started with a Pearl

It all started with a Pearl Wardrobing with our Pearls. One Pair of Pearls… Many Possibilities. Cynthia Renée’s exquisite design and engineering can turn your classic pair of pearls into a...

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Heaven and Earth

The Chinese concept of yin and yang — how seemingly contrary forces are actually complementary — is often explained using metaphors from nature and life. The lightness of air, the...

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