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A collector travels the world gaining knowledge about tanzanite, diamonds, and sapphires

This client is more aware of gems and jewelry than most people in the trade! A well-traveled New Yorker, she shops the world – if only to gather awareness and keen her eye. She is attracted to gems in bright and vivid colors, and not afraid of bolder rings and earrings. Over time, her collection has evolved within a similar vivid color palette so it all mixes and matches.

Cynthia Renee Custom Jewelry Design Nigerian Mandarin Garnet Rubellite ring
Her first Cynthia Renée ring was in 1997 – a Tanzanite accented with screaming Red Spinels set in rose gold. Since then, we’ve worked together creating a lot of exciting jewelry. A gem connoisseur, she took advantage of a stupendous find of Nigerian Mandarin Garnet and Rubellite to create ring and earrings.
Later came “Oprah-style” earrings resetting her diamond studs with removable Tanzanite drops – Oprah wears a pair like this that are all diamond.
Cynthia Renee Custom Jewelry Design diamond studs Tanzanite drops earrings
Cynthia Renee Custom Jewelry Design Spessartite Garnets Golden Sapphire drops earrings

Another project was the “Flame” earrings with two pairs of fiery Spessartite Garnets in the top and removable Golden Sapphire drops. I’ve seen her wearing the “Flame” earring tops with the Tanzanite drops and the diamond studs with the Yellow Sapphire drops. All of the colors and design forms have a similar feeling, so she has a lot of room to experiment and individualize her wear.

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