My Mother

Bathed in sun,
my mother is
deep in thought.

I am there
in her eyes

imagining her

Peggy Jo Donahue

Cynthia Renee Create Your Story in Jewels Heirloom Jewelry

One of my greatest rewards is working with a client to distill their essence into a custom jewelry piece that tells a story for future generations. Worn through life, our jewelry, now imbued with our memories and feelings, becomes a message in a bottle telling a story to those that come after us.

Mother’s Day was last Sunday, and I’ve been feeling my mother particularly close. She passed in June of 2012, and I’ve been very surprised to learn the relationship with our mothers continues after they pass. I feel her urging me on, and we still share our crazy humor.

Much as she lived, my mother passed with love and thoughtfulness, waiting for all of her six kids to arrive at her bedside. She never wanted any of her kids to be left out.

Cynthia Renee Create Your Story in Jewels Heirloom Jewelry
As I do for so many of my clients, I wanted to memorialize my mother in precious metals and gems with a custom jewelry heirloom I could eventually pass on to my own daughters.

I selected a pair of white topaz gem slices with golden-hued goethite mineral inclusions, in an angel wing shape, to symbolize my angelic mother.

In the top portion of the earrings, rainbow moonstones represent eternity and the heavens. Pink sapphires accent the moonstones and also sit amidst the diamonds on a detachable Pea Pod section that links the top to the bottom of the earring.
The sapphires represent “pinks,” the name of a flower – and a color – that my mother loved.

Mother’s are known for multi-tasking, or so I have heard….. So, on a practical note, the earrings detach into three separate pieces that can be mixed and matched with other earrings or the moonstone studs worn alone.

Cynthia Renee Create Your Story in Jewels Heirloom Jewelry Moonstone Topaz Diamond Sapphire Geothite Gold Earrings
Cynthia Renee Create Your Story in Jewels Heirloom Jewelry
My mother and I covered a lot of ground together. Not just terra firma, but we did that too. Once she flew to Hawaii with me on a business trip where we fulfilled a dream of mine by watching lava flow into the Pacific, building new land and foundations.
We also traveled to Barcelona to visit my brother, and I can still see her, well into her eighth decade, riding a motorcycle up and down the Spanish Rivera, grabbing on tightly to my brother while becoming more and more confident riding “the moto.”
Cynthia Renee Create Your Story in Jewels Heirloom Jewelry
Have you dreamed of creating a custom jewel that uniquely reflects your life’s essence that can be carried over the generations?

I can help you.

As one client for collectible custom jewelry said, “Working with Cynthia over the past 12 years…is a spiritually fulfilling process of creativity and beauty.”

I’d love to hear your story.

I would love to work with you in creating your dream jewel, recreating your unworn jewelry int new favorites or hunting for your dream gem.  Take the next step by scheduling a no obligation video call with me here or email me directly.

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