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Do it Yourself Beads
I learned shorthand, typed 120 words a minute and got an A in Bookkeeping Fundamentals. Make way world – here comes nineteen-year-old Cynthia! I was singing another tune after two years as a legal secretary. I thought, “This is for the birds; if I’m going to do this, I’m going to law school. But…if I’m going to spend the time to do that, why not do what I really want to do: become a geologist.” So I did.
Do It Yourself Beads Sodalite Custom Jewelry by Cynthia Renee

I quit the lawyers and found a job where I could more easily go to night school. Shopping a local rock shop on my lunch break, I saw this strand of sodalite beads, lapis’s very distant cousin. I looked into those dark perfect spheres and thought, “I must have these.” I could wear my avocation, a strand of blue beads carrying secrets from the earth. They cost $125, and I put them on layaway, making payments for several months until they were all mine.

A decade later, I had started Cynthia Renée Company and was doing colored gem trunk shows at jewelry stores around the country. Twenty-something girls would look at my gems, then sigh and lament, “Oh, well – guess I’ll have to marry a rich man.” Holding their wrist, I’d tell them, “Don’t you dare deny yourself the pleasure of working hard for something and achieving it.”

These beads became most precious when I worked for them.

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