Energy Chakras and Healing with Gem Crystals

Inherit the beauty and energy of the Earth by wearing her rare treasures.

Woman wearing rectangular Azurite and emerald earrings.

I recently wrote a booklet given to Golden Door guests during my visit two weeks ago on energy chakras and gems associated with healing.

Let me share a bit with you.

Everything emanates energy.  Gems’ crystalline nature focuses their energy and has been used in healing modalities all over the world, from ancient times to now.

Since each color of light vibrates at a specific energy frequency, the focused energy of a colored gem can resonate with one or more of the similarly colored energetic centers on your body called chakra points.

Negative of figure in meditative pose with gemstones representing each chakra

The chakra system began in India between 1500-500 BC.  Now, many cultures incorporate gem/chakra energy healing modalities into wellness to facilitate optimizing energy by keeping the chakras balanced.

Many adorn themselves with gems in a color family of the chakra they wish to balance or strengthen.

What is Azurite? 

The indigo-colored mineral Azurite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra (second down from the top of the head) and its ability to access your intuition and innate wisdom, focus on manifesting what you want in life and promote spiritual awakening. See all of our indigo-hued jewels associated with the Third Eye Chakra here.

Azurite and Emerald earring held in a woman's hand

Azurite removes blockages in life so we can flourish on all levels. Those blockages are on all levels – personal insight or psychic awareness – or even physical blockages on a cellular level ensuring a healthful flow of needed nutrients and energy throughout bodies.

Ancient Egyptians considered Azurite a sacred stone, only for high priestesses and priests. In China, Azurite was thought to be a gem that opened up celestial pathways and Native Americans used it to communicate with spirit guides.

In Mother Earth, Azurite is often found growing together with another copper ore, Malachite.

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