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Is Pink the Navy Blue of India?
"Is Pink the Navy Blue of India?" by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée

“I adore Pink; it’s the Navy Blue of India,”…

…revered Vogue editor Diana Vreeland exclaimed excited by the photographs taken in India by photographer Norman Parkinson.

I suspect she meant just as navy blue is a classic color element in Western culture, in India the color pink is omnipresent and combined with most other colors.

What does the Color Pink Say about You?

Much of North America and Europe associates pink with little girls and feminine charm.

Through my teens, I shunned pink’s “baby girl” association.  The Fates found me researching in a California Pink Tourmaline mine, and I began to see pink differently.

Those pink 100-odd million year old gems had survived considerable pressure and hot temperatures to reach me, and pink became the color of flourishing, not “you throw like a girl” weakness.

"Is Pink the Navy Blue of India?", by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée
Above is a very fine San Diego Pink Tourmaline in a Bouquet Ring taking lunch.

Have you seen “alpenglow?” Mountains can reflect a warm pink called alpenglow at sunset. It’s a moving sight – I painted my bedroom an alpenglow pink, considering it the color of heaven.

Pink is associated with love and kindness. Its more delicate hues are relaxing and inspiring and the hot vibrant shades are enlivening and passionate.

Pink Gemstones can be Worn with Any Color

I wear pink gemstones as neutrals – they go with just about every outfit color. When I look at them, my spirit raises and dances around a bit.

Pink is a lightly saturated red. Using the photo below as a guide, mix in a bit of yellow and the pink is more on the peachy side as are the Morganites, Rose Quartz and the Pink Tourmalines.

Add blue to the pink and it becomes more lilac, as the Pink Topaz; darken that lilac and we get more plummy hues as the Rhodolite and Pink Spinels. Intensify the pink, and it dances the salsa, like the fuchsia Rubellite.

"Is Pink the Navy Blue of India?", by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée

I started in 1990 as a wholesale dealer of colored gemstones and have a fantastic collection for clients to use in creating their dream jewels.  Above is the iceberg’s tip.

Here’s how one client and I worked together starting with unset gems going on to create her unique three-stone ring.

Below are some of the ways we can set the loose gems above, and of course we can create something all new.


Trellis Ring

"Is Pink the Navy Blue of India?", by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée
There is usually a waiting list for peachy gems to set in a Trellis Ring, such as above.

The peachy gem sparkles through the white gold “trellis basket” and I’ve played the hues with a rose gold shank. The price varies with the gem size, but they start at about $2700, plus the gem.

Bouquet Ring

"Is Pink the Navy Blue of India?", by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée
Graceful, timeless and striking, we’ve adapted the Bouquet Ring using a variety of gems.
The sides stones can be diamond or colored gems.

Graceful Open Lines

"Is Pink the Navy Blue of India?", by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée
The Pink Tourmaline custom ring above can be easily adapted to a variety of
gem sizes and shapes. Since it is one color of metal with less gold weight,
the price is lower than the Trellis Ring, above.

What’s the next step?

Schedule a no obligation 30 minute Clarity Call with me to get answers to your questions and stimulus to your inspiration! We can start with your gems or ours….

Looking for a gemstone in a different color, size or shape? We have a great many to choose from – Ask Cynthia for details.

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"Is Pink the Navy Blue of India?", by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée

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