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Legacy Jewels: Transforming Birthstones into Heirlooms

Here is a captivating tale of blending birthstones and heirlooms into a singular timeless jewel.

Bubble Ring” ~ Cynthia Renee full custom design bespoke ring created in 950 platinum featuring the following diamonds: 1.43 carat emerald-cut, 1.51 carat round, and two marquise weighing 0.14 karats with 9 mm Akoya pearl.
“Bubble Ring” bespoke ring creation in 950 platinum featuring the 1.43 and 1.51 carat diamonds from client’s grandmothers and a 9 mm Akoya pearl, the client’s birthstone.

A client approached me with a cherished dream: to create a ring featuring two diamonds, one from each grandmother’s ring. The challenge was integrating the starkly contrasting shapes – the sharp-edged emerald cut and the curvy round – in a harmonious design.
The solution came as an epiphany, inspired by her June birthstone, the pearl. By incorporating the pearl, I created a narrative that bound her to the legacy of her grandmothers. The pearl’s spherical shape and ivory hue added a striking contrast, yet it nestled perfectly amidst the diamonds.
The result was the creation of the Bubble Ring – a triumphant unification of past and present. With its trio of gemstones, this ring sings an enchanting song of lineage, personal history, and love, carrying forth the legacy of two generations and adding another.
The Bubble Ring showcases not just a blend of jewels, but also an adaptable concept that can be tailored to various gem shapes and sizes. 

Embark on the journey of creating your legacy jewel, a narrative of family, creativity, and style, etched in precious stones.

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