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Pools of Light

Is there anything more beautiful in summer than a trellis next to a pool? The cool shade and scented air, redolent of flowers and vines, contrast with the brilliant crystalline of a pool’s still surface.

Pools Of Light: Amethyst Trellis Ring
trellis photo © Ollie Crafoord

What if you could keep that peaceful image at the ready, to brighten any dull winter day, or call to mind the ambiance of a treasured summer place? Cynthia Renée created her blue topaz Trellis Ring for just this purpose. Though beautiful when worn in summer, it also adds a thrill of warmth to winter’s deep blacks, chocolate browns, and emerald greens.

Pools Of Light: Blue Topaz Trellis Ring

Cynthia’s Trellis Ring design is one of the most compelling she has ever created, with woven tendrils that form the 18 karat white gold basket around the gemstone. “I think white gold is a perfect choice here, for it is very attractively icy around the glacial blue of the gemstone,” she says. The designer selected fashionable 18 karat rose gold for the ring’s shank, in an alloy that she has treasured and used for 20 years.

The exquisite gem is cool blue topaz, hand-cut to special specifications in the “Pillow” cut. “The Pillow cut has a squarish outline with softly bowed sides. It is soft, feminine, yet throws out beautiful streaks of light, akin to diving in a swimming pool,” says Cynthia.

Pools Of Light: different gems Trellis Ring

The Trellis Ring can be used for your own gemstone, or Cynthia can select a beautiful gem in any color for you.

The style is best used when the gem is square, round, or only slightly elongated. If it is elongated, the artist sets it east-west across the hand.

Cynthia can also play with the colors in the basket and shank to best promote your gem’s hues, using white, pink, or yellow gold. “Rose gold is a neutral – it plays nicely with white metals in a great contrast, and it harmonizes well with yellow gold,” she advises. “You don’t need a whole new rose gold wardrobe in order to wear a rose gold piece. What matters more is that the overall style of the pieces you select blend well.”

Cynthia Renée “Trellis” ring featuring 18.63 carat peach topaz (Pakistan) set in 14 karat white and rose golds.

Cynthia Renée custom-designed rings can be tailored to your gemstones. Please inquire with the artist for gemstone sourcing and custom design commissions.

See Cynthia Renée's custom jewelry design portfolio here.


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