Do you like surprises or pranks? I sure do and think of them as an alternative “I Love You” to my dear ones.

To surprise my oldest last Sunday evening as she arrived home after weeks away, I turned all the house lights off. The TV could be seen from the entry way, and though no show was turned on, she could see an image of 1980’s Elton John lighting up on the screen. I didn’t want her to be completely spooked, only a little bit….:)

Her younger sister, the dogs and I hid back in the hallway. As she walked in the door, we rigged the TV to blast Elton’s ”The Bitch is Back” video on YouTube. You know that opening guitar riff?

The Bitch is Back blog
All was still for a few long seconds then she yelled out to us “you guys think you’re so slick…”

To compensate, we had clean sheets on her bed, flowers by her bedside and a dead palmetto bug in her toilet (I didn’t want to waste a dead bug).

Language usage changes along with the rest of life. 

Do you remember when being called a bitch was a hardcore slam?  Now, it’s a bit of a compliment – a woman who is in control and taking charge of her life.

Is it still true that most women have been the object of the pejorative “Bitch?”  I was one of four women majoring in geology in the early 1980’s and there were about the same number of women colored gem dealers starting in the late 1980’s

I learned all aspects of the gem and jewelry business the gritty way.  Most of us didn’t have mentors, we had tormentors.

Just like language, life has evolved too…and I put my “bitch” superpower to use helping clients get the real answers….I started in the trenches…and learned it all to be here now.

The Bitch is Back blog

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