Blinded by the Light
Blinded by the Light by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée Marcusson: pair of Sphenes.

“For the rest of my life, I will reflect on what light is.” Albert Einstein understood the power of light. When awed by the beauty of a gem, it’s the light, not the stone, which moves us.  The dance between light and gem reflects that of a relationship—sometimes fiery, sometimes translucent- a courtship so vivid and captivating, it causes us to “go weak in the knees”.

Sphene is an evocative gem that collectors’ seek for its internal light show.  It possesses the unusual ability to bend light, as a glass prism separates light into its constituent rainbow of wavelengths. Diamond shares this famed ability; however Sphene wins, exhibiting fire greater than diamond.

When found in its brilliant yellowish-green hues, Sphene flaunts dazzling flashes of light superior to darker bodied counterparts.  Because of this, look for Sphene in some shade of chartreuse, instead of the more readily available browns. With a hardness of 5-5.5, they are best worn as earrings, pendants, and brooches.  Try pairing with pink sapphire, amethyst or rhodolite for something spectacular!

Blinded by the Light by jewelry designer Cynthia Renée Marcusson: Sphene earrings.
Cynthia Renee Full Custom earrings featuring Sphene and
Rhodolite Garnet, set in 18 karat yellow gold.

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