Progressive Pairs
Mega Earring Looks from a Few Strategic Pieces
Awarded Jewelry Designer Cynthia Renée

The venue was a relaxed, Bohemian cafe, and I was so excited to meet my friend and client, Lisa, to deliver the custom design ring we created….outside with masks….. 🙂

Lisa lives in Brussels.  Her finished ring lay patiently in my safe while Lisa waited for quarantine travel restrictions to relax.

She has family in the US and wanted to pick the ring up on a visit.

Since Lisa was my friend before she became a client, I put on a casual dress of East African kitenge cloth over cuffed jeans and colorful oxfords.

I choose a pair of earrings I made in 1991, my Red Spinel yellow gold “Doughnut” studs which have a tail on the back to hold drops.  That day, I felt like adding a pair of Victorian gold tassels as drops.

I love their movement, and felt free driving with the windows open, tassels dancing with the wind.

What I wanted to show you is how I create interchangeable earrings so you can maximize your style and wardrobing to suit your mood and occasion.

In the photos below are several earring components I picked from my jewelry box and just some of the ways they can be put together.

I often tweak client’s pre-existing earrings so they can support a drop and work with my earring wardrobing system, which I call Progressive Pairs (or Progressive Pearls, if it involves pearls.).

Want to know how you can transform your earrings? It all starts with a free 20-minute clarity call, which you can schedule here.

Take a peek below – what do you think?

Here are the earring pieces I used to create the looks in the grid below.

Progressive Pairs: earring pieces

Below are some of the earring looks created from the above components.

Progressive Pairs

Create your Earrings Looks starting with ours or Contact Cynthia to see if she can adapt your earrings.

How did Lisa like her Ring?

Lisa's ring Long Distance Legacy

“…thank you for my new ring! It is BY FAR the most comfortable and gorgeous ring I have ever worn. It is everything I wanted and just feels GOOD on my finger!

You are a genius at interpreting what someone wants and making it a reality that far exceeds any expectation.
Thank you.” ~ Lisa

Learn the Story Behind Lisa’s Ring here.

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