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Moonstone is like the quiet, encouraging best friend you never knew you needed – a beacon of feminine power, a cheerleader for new beginnings, and an absolute peace-bringer.

Moonstone’s powers are thought to peak with the full moon.  Just as our dear moon orchestrates our earthly rhythms, Moonstone pulls tranquility, creativity, and intuition into our lives illuminating your path with clarity and wisdom

Moonstone is the birthstone for June babies.  Learn more about June birthstones here.


Cynthia Renee selected the colors of this Moonstone bead necklace thinking of a dove’s calm gentleness, yet they look very luxe.

The stream of peach moonstone is punctuated by soft gray moonstone beads, serving to subtly call attention to the other.  Rondells of yellow gold bring in the third note of this color chord.

The 14 karat gold trigger clasp is very easy to use and as sleep as the necklace.


This bead necklace is composed of 34 pieces of peach moonstone (14 mm) and four soft gray moonstone (12 mm) strung on a knotted thread with 14 karat yellow gold trigger clasp and eight 14 karat yellow gold saucer rondells; it is 20 inches long.  (NB1241)


This necklace possesses “The Power of Neutrals” and will be a “go-to” jewel in your collection.

Because of this necklace’s calm peaceful colors, it is easy to wear with more active prints.  You can go simple pairing it with a stud earring  – or because they are a team player and don’t hog center stage, so you can wear them with a bolder earring, and they won’t fight for attention with your necklace.

Learn more about how to wear this unique bead necklace here.

Unlock the Power of Neutrals in your Jewelry Styling


Original price was: $1,850.00.Current price is: $675.00.

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