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The Luminous Magic of June’s Birthstones: Pearl and Moonstone

Here we are, basking in the glow of June, a month offering luminary beauty and birthstones akin to radiant drops of light.

Image of various loose pearls floating and one moonstone pendant on pink background

This month we celebrate three enchanting birthstones – Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite. But today, let’s shine our attention on the magnificence of Pearls with a dive into the mystical realm of Moonstones next week.

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Journeying back to 1912, June has been attributed two birthstones: Pearl and Moonstone. At that time, pearl culturing was in its infancy, making these gems a rare find. The inclusion of Moonstone provided another luminous treasure for June babies to cherish.

Fast-forward to 1952, and the dynamic Alexandrite, known for its stunning color-altering properties, was added to the June birthstone family.

Every gem we wear has its own tale, symbolizing something truly unique. Pearls, with their rounded forms, inner glow, and association with the moon and the sea are often considered the most womanly of gems.

Pearls signify the soul’s journey, while Moonstones act as talismans of protection and clarity.

The Enchanting Power of Pearls

Emerging from the sea or large bodies of water, Pearls possess a luminous “lunar” elegance.  They are a natural wonder, formed in symphony with other life forms in a process imbued with a certain magic.

The formation of a pearl is a marvel of transformation resulting from self-care on the part of the mollusk. When an irritant such as a grain of sand or piece of shell lodges between its shells, the mollusk cloaks it in layer upon layer, slowly and patiently producing a radiant pearl.

Let’s remember that next time we are irritated 🙂

Pearls’ birth process is a testament to the power of overcoming adversity, morphing challenges into opportunities for growth – a symbol of your own inherent ability to turn trials into triumphs.

Pearls inspire us to calmly reflect on the ebb and flow of our lives, helping us navigate our struggles and fears, just as the mollusk did to form the enchanting pearl.

And what’s more, the soft glow of pearls resonates with our third eye chakra, enhancing our intuition, wisdom, and decision-making abilities.

With their long-standing associations with purity and balance, Pearls serve as poignant symbols of inner wisdom.

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