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Celestial Gems for a Stellar Love

Cynthia Renee Custom Jewelry Design unheated Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires
It took five years to source the gems and craft a dream of a garland necklace for a 15th anniversary gift.

This client wanted to garland his wife’s neck with jewels the color of heaven. He chose blue, the color poets say paves paradise. That garland? Thirty-one matched unheated Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires weighing a total of 103.28 carats set with thirty-one oval diamonds weighing a total of 43.17 carats in a hand-made platinum necklace of discrete design and most intricate engineering. Seemingly simple; ultimately complex.

The ancient Persians thought the Earth rested on a huge Blue Sapphire whose color reflected to color the heavens. This particular shade of Blue Sapphire (medium tone, unheated, very slightly violetish-blue) was chosen as it holds a compelling tension between a safe harbor’s tranquility and lightning’s electric blue jolt.
Cynthia Renee Custom Jewelry Design Blue Sapphires and Diamonds set in Platinum Garland Necklace

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